Bellagio Fountain

bellagio-fountain-4You probably won’t find a more majestic setting for a fountain. The Bellagio Hotel’s water fountain is one of the most popular (and free!) attractions in Las Vegas. Conceived by Bellagio owner Steven Wynn, the fountain is a fantastic, surreal exhibition of water works like you’ve never seen before. The aim was capture the romance and decadence of the hotel, and with more than 1000 water nozzles and 4000 lights coordinated to certain patterns of music, the fountain certainly gets the message across. This incredible show of water-and-lights choreography will have you imagining the water dancing in the air and then surprise you with a jet of water shooting 250 feet into the air. Even regular visitors to the city are still awed by the Bellagio Fountain’s magnificent displays.

Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

CIRCUS CIRCUS1A circus it certainly is: the world’s largest permanent circus puts on free shows throughout the day for all to enjoy. The casino covers 107 000 feet and offers the full range of games for gamblers, including a poker room. Sports fans can relax in the race and sports book and view games on one of the 68 screens. Circus Circus is also the site for some of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas like AdventureDome where you’ll find the IMAX Motion Rides, Rim Runner, Canyon Blaster and Slingshot. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at one of the 10 restaurants on site. The best part? You don’t have to be staying there to enjoy its attractions.

Madame Toussard’s Interactive Wax Atttraction

madame-tussauds-couponOne of seven Madame Toussard’s wax museums in the world, Las Vegas’s interactive wax attraction is the only place you’ll find all of your favourite stars, dead or alive, under one roof. Get closer to Johnny Depp than you’ve ever dreamed, or take a picture with an incredibly lifelike Elvis Presley. In fact, here’s where you’ll find sports stars, movie personalities, music legends, ready to have their pictures taken with you. Sports stars like Tiger Woods and Shaquille O’ Neil are in the Sports Arena room, On Stage is where you’ll find Bono and an interactive American Idol karaoke feature, and the Big Night area houses stars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Imperial Palace Auto Collections

Imperial_Palace_1945Make your way up to the Imperial Palace’s fifth floor for the biggest automotive extravaganza in Las Vegas. Rotating podiums show off 300 classic racing, muscle and touring cars. The cars in the Grande Salon are one-of-a-kind, elite vehicles, each worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of these cars have had famous owners like Nicolas Cage, and there’s also an armoured limousine that used to transport presidents Franklin Roosevelt and then Harry Truman. Almost all the cars on show are for sale, but with no ordinary price tags. You’ll have to have had a great night at one of the casinos to be browsing for a ride here. Car lover or not, this collection is definitely something to put high on your list of things to see.

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